Introduction to an AGILE project about mini soccer

Hi all, today I’ll talk about a software I want to develop and I’ll do it using AGILE methodologies (in order to know more about AGILE, I suggest you to start from here:

I’ve thought to develop a website that gives you the opportunity to manage a set of funcionalities to organize mini soccer events. It will be a sort of Social Network specialized in connecting people during the organization phase.

In order to do so using the agile methodologies, I started planning the project using the Inception deck, a tool that helps you writing down the scope of the project answering a series of questions that drives you to the creation of a so called elevator pitch (you can find further informations here:
From the Inception deck, it cames out what follows:

Why we are here?
In order to provide a tool that simplify the management and the organization of mini soccer games

Took it as a starting point, I proceeded answering a set of questions taken from the elevator pitch method, like:

  • FOR: everyone
  • WHO: wants to organize mini soccer games
  • THE: MiniSoccer Pitch Discovery (MSPD)
  • IS A: Social Network
  • THAT: create matches, allows friends invitation, allows feedback system over a match (?)
  • UNLIKE: other Social Network systems already existent
  • OUR PRODUCT: is football specific

The building phase is continued with the planning game ( that allowed me to transcribe all those information in a Trello’s board. Is a system of cards where each of them corresponds to small activities that has to be done in order to develop the final product. Actually I took the result of the elevator pitch and I started creating activities that makes value to the final product, so that I could distinguish between the most relevant part of the project and start developing them.

Soon I will start working on the creation of the user so that a guest user can register to the system through its credentials (email and password).

In the next article I will talk about it in more detail..


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